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Sarajevo becomes the city of four religions, ”Jerusalem of the Balkans”, and a metaphor for a peaceful cohabitation and also the horror of hate.From Sarajevo come the greatest number of children born of mixed marriages in ex-Yugoslavia, the First World War started in Sarajevo, in the Second World War the Muslims of Sarajevo hid the Jewish families from common enemy, images of the greatest horror dating from the recent war in Bosnia come from Sarajevo…The urban walking zone begins at the monument of „The Eternal Flame – Vječna vatra“ and it is only a three-minute walk away from the hotel.The Great Park, a legendary green oasis and the city's „lungs“, is at the back of the hotel, and only a few meters away, next to Second secondary school, there is another place to relax, the sumptuous Park of Light – park Svjetlosti.Danish Film Institute, Denmark Fostering Critical Thinking via Film Education We need to see films, lots of films.We need to get thrilled, laugh and cry, we need talk about them, dissect and understand them.Orchestration for this work was entrusted to four talented musicians from Serbia: Aleksandar Sedlar, Isidora Zebeljan, Ninoslav Ademovic and Ognjan Radivojevic. Denis, France Presented by: Budapest Spring Festival The Müpa Budapest underground garage gates will be operated by an automatic number plate recognition system.Parking is free of charge for visitors with tickets to any of our paid performances on that given day.

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Out of the 250 guests at our conference, we selected 45 people who would sit at a table, ready to share their unique stories, tools and experiences with you. Our master of ceremonies will be there to walk everyone through the process and ensure it runs smoothly.

The Butmir culture was discovered in 1893, when Austro-Hungarian authorities began construction on the agricultural college of the University of Sarajevo.

Various traces of human settlement were found dating to the Neolithic period.

Part of the city in which the hotel is located is very rich in authentic restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, theatres.

Imagine being given an interesting book, but you’ve only 10 minutes to read it. That’s what the networking session on the Media Meets Literacy conference in Sarajevo is going to be like.


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