Ricky gervais dating jane fallon

By now they must have so many pictures of us just walking up the road." Although I am told expressly in advance by two publicists that the mere mention of Mr G is strictly verboten, Jane Fallon is more down to earth than anyone with an A-list partner worth m has a right to be.

An unpretentious and candid interviewee, she's self-deprecating in a way you'd expect from someone who has lived with Ricky Gervais for more than 30 years.

Other people knowing about it really helped with the discipline of writing.

I took my outline to an agent at Curtis Brown and was taken on. Getting published after a lifetime of wanting to be was totally surreal.

Though Gervais is hugely successful, Fallon is quite accomplished as well.Most of them take a couple and move on, but some can be kind of persistent and follow you to the restaurant or wherever. And the thing is, Ricky works hard, and sometimes we just want a nice day together.Instead, it leaves me thinking, 'Oh God, I didn't brush my hair'.I'm the youngest of five children and was always really shy.I read a lot and spent most of my childhood looking for places to hide and read.Fallon has been in a relationship with comedian Ricky Gervais since 1982.


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