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And now, in the Spring of 2015, she has transitioned into life as Mrs Cathy Nguyen Banaag.

20 April 2014A Sunday school teacher named Miriam Illes is shot with a sniper through her kitchen window in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The emotional killing and keys found in the door indicate a killer in his close circle.Book a hairdresser and make-up artist to complete your formal look.Have a look through photos of the hairdressers’ past work or search the Internet or Pinterest to find a style that you like.Map out the shops that sell formal attire and target those shops to save you time.Once you have picked the perfect dress you can then buy shoes and accessories to match.It’s been heart warming to see some of the folks that grace our humble little site grow in life and family. For some more photos, check out the hashtag #lilbiggswedding2015 on IG as well as Justin Element’s official wedding photos from the site.


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